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Technical Specifications
   Description    Specifications    
   Sealing Area    10" x 2"    12" x 12"    14" x 16"
   Electrical & Electronic Item    Make-L & T    Make- L & T    Make- L & T
   Heat Control    Temperature Controller    Temperature Controller    Temperature Controller
   Machine Operation    Dcuble Side    Dcuble Side    Dcuble Side
   Electric Load    2Kw    2.5 Kw    3Kw
   Machine Frame    Power Coated    Power Coated    Power Coated
   Timer    Make-ISI    Make-ISI    Make-ISI
   Limit Switch    Make-Servctronics    Make-Servctronics    Make-Servctronics
   Switch    Make-Siemence    Make-Siemence    Make-Siemence
   Dimension of Machine (LxWxH)    Make-Salzer    Make-Salzer    Make-Salzer
   Cylinder Operation    18"x36"x60    22"x36"x61"    25"x42"x61
   Machine Doors & Control Panle    Pheumatc Value Control    Pheumatc Value Control    Pheumatc Value Control
     Power Coated    Power Coated    Power Coated
   Note: Require Air Compressor (5 HP) not supply with the machine
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