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Technical Specifications
   Plant Model    90MM    100MM  
   Screw Dia    90mm    100mm  
   Main Drive    25 HP    30HP  
   Extrusion Capacity    100 Kg / hr    125 Kg / Hr  
   Lay Flat Width (mm)    650mm    650mm  
   Sheet Thickness    0.15mm to 0.70mm    0.15mm to 0.70mm  
   Heating Load    12 Kw    14Kw  
   Connected Load    37 HP    52 HP  
   Overall Dimensions (LXWXH)    23"x13"x14"    19"x14"x14"  
   Die    8"    12"  
   Electricals & Electronics Items    Make - L&T    Make- L&T  
   Main Drive    25 HP AC-Make-ABB    30 HP AC-Make-ABB  
   Nip Roller Drive With Gearbox    2HP DC    5 HP DC  
   Reduction Gear Box    Make - Helical    Make - Helical  
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