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Model No. :- KR-TF 350x650
(Plastic Disposable Item Making Machine)
Technical Specifications
   Material    Sheet    HIPS, PP    HIPS, PP     HIPS, PP
   Sheet Width Range    mm    300x550    350x650    350x650
   Sheet Thickness Range    mm    0.30 to 1.25    0.30 to 1.25    0.30 to 1.25
   Forming Die Area    mm    300x500    300x600    350x600
   Max. Speed Approx.    Cycle/mm     Hips 30-35    Hips 35/pp 30    Hips 35/pp 30
   Max. Draw Depth    mm    100    100    100
   Max. Motor Drive(AC)    Kw    7-5 HP-ABB    10HP-ABB    12.5 HP-ABB
   Top Heating Load    Kw    22.5 KW/35 Heaters    31.0 Kw/48 Heaters    35.0 Kw/54 Heaters
   Bottom Heating Load    Kw    18.0 Kw/28 Heaters    26.0 Kw/40 Heaters    29.0 Kw/45 Heaters
   Running Load    Kw    25.0    35.0    40.0
   Contol Pannel Dimensions    inch    LXWXH    LXWXH    LXWXH
           132x100x100    150x120x110    170x150x120
   MAchine Operation    -    Cam/Servo    Cam/Servo    Cam/Servo
   Approx. Weight    -    2200 Kg    3000Kg    3500Kg
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